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Company Introduction

The company - QingYa Clocks – was set up in 1996, for the manufacturing of clocks. The company’s factory occupied an area of 120 acre with over 1,200 employees. By 2002, QingYa Clocks business has gradually changed from being a clock manufacturer to a mechanical clock importer. Over the past years, QingYa has become the most comprehensive mechanical clock importer in China and Hong Kong, importing established known brands from Europe & America.

At present, the Company is the exclusive distributor of 6 world renowned mechanical clock brands in China, Hong Kong and Macau. These brands are: Kieninger, Howard Miller, Comitti, Anton Schneider, Imperial and Chicche.

With the growth in income and affluence, homeowners in Hong Kong want not only roof over their heads but a home that are comfortable and decorated to their tastes & styles. Clocks, besides telling time, are also furniture pieces for homes, offices and clubs.

A well-made mechanical clock is more than a timepiece. The beautiful designs and craftsmanship make a great furniture piece, while the light & tinkling chimes soothe away city stress. Well-made and maintained, mechanical clocks can last for over 100 years and make great family heirlooms for passing down the generations.

Mechanical clocks are works of high precision technologies and passionate artistry. Only the discerning and connoisseurs would appreciate the beauty of a mechanical clock. In view of the growing affluence and taste of local homeowners, QingYa Clocks opened its first mechanical clock boutique – Kieninger & Co - in Hong Kong in August 2017.

Positioned as the mechanical clock specialist, the mission of Kienninger & Co is to serve the local mechanical enthusiasts with an array of well know mechanical clock brands, designs and outstanding service. In addition, the company – QingYa Clocks – intends to raise the awareness and the mechanical clock culture to Hong Kong through its retail boutique (Kieninger & Co), and become the local landmark for world renowned mechanical clocks.


The Kieninger Clock Factory celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012. The brand – Kieninger, was founded in 1912 in Black Forest, Germany, by Joseph Kieninger (1872-1936). It is famous for the quality of its clock movements, and therefore the oldest manufacturer of mechanical clock movements still in existence today.

Since 1917 the company has been located to Aldingen, a charming village just between Black Forest and 'Schwäbische Alb'. Today, the company occupies a 54,000 square foot manufacturing facility, newly constructed in 1991 and employs about 50 dedicated and highly skilled workers and staff.

In 1993, Kieninger became part of the Howard Miller Group (USA), the largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the world. From its very beginning Kieninger has kept onto its traditional concept - the manufacture of technically advanced, high-quality mechanical movements and clocks. This has proven successful and it is to no surprise, that today Kieninger is still known for its craftsmanship and high-quality products .The Kieninger clocks are noted as classics of the industry, and its mechanical floor / grandfather clocks, wall clocks and mantel clocks are all uniquely designed timepieces of the highest quality.

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The brand – Comitti – was founded by an Italian precision instrument maker, Onorato Comitti, in 1850 London, England. By 1888 the company had been acknowledged as one of the finest clockmakers in England, and has since won many awards which celebrated and recognised their success. Comitti’s heritage and exceptional craftsmanship has even seen them rewarded with a clock in the Queen’s collection at Buckingham Palace.

More than 150 years later, the Comitti clocks (timepieces) are still made and managed by descendants of Onorato Comitti. Managed by the fifth generation, Comitti still produces mechanical clocks styled from the Georgian period (late 1880s) along with creating luxurious and contemporary timepieces.

Howard Miller

Incomparable workmanship. Unsurpassed quality. A quest for perfection. It’s what Howard C. Miller insisted on when he founded the company in 1926, at the age of 21.

Howard Miller learned the fine art of clock making in the Black Forest region of Germany and the craftsmanship of fine cabinet making from his father, Herman Miller. Howard used this knowledge to develop into a visionary whose keen sense of innovation built a solid reputation for fine, American-made, heirloom clocks. Howard’s sons Jack and Phil continued this tradition of excellence and built an international reputation for clock design, innovation and quality. Now, still family-owned and operated in its third generation, the Howard Miller Company manufactures fine clocks for the entire home – from the world’s finest floor clocks to wall and mantel clocks.

In 1926, the company began by manufacturing chiming wall and mantel clocks. In 1950s, saw the development and production of trend-setting avant-garde clocks designed by leading 20th Century modern designer George Nelson. These clocks continue to be valuable items in personal collections, as well as being part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. During the 1960s, grandfather clocks were added to the growing product offering. Often referred to as floor clocks, this product category eventually earned the company the title of "World's Largest Grandfather Clock Maker".

The Howard Miller Company is proud of its history and remains dedicated to its vision of being a family-owned business committed to craftsmanship, its customers and its community.

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Anton Schneider

Anton Schneider began producing cuckoo clocks in 1848 in his farmhouse in Schonach. The Schneider family business is now in the 6th generation and has been producing high value cuckoo clocks at its current location since 1952.

In the years between 1952 and 1985 the modern factory building was extended in 7 periods of building. The Schnieder clock factory is among the most modern and largest cuckoo clock factories in the Black Forest today. The old tradition of doing valuable wood carving work by hand remains unchanged. To maintain its artistry standards, the Schnieder factory undertook intensive training of young woodcarvers.

A love of detail combined with ancient handicraft skills are the characteristics of the new generation of high-value cuckoo clocks. It is due to the highly skilled workers in the carpentry shop, the woodcarving shop and in the clock assembly shops, as well as an extremely exact final inspection, that Anton Schneider can offer to customers worldwide, a truly full guarantee.


The Italian Chicche glass clock adopts superb printing technology, picks rich cultural motifs, maps and famous paintings, and performs high-definition restoration on tempered glass. Equipped with the German UTS movement, the glass clock not only possesses the Italian style of art, it is also a practical advanced wall clock. Both art and practicality complement each other.

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